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Revo - RA202M200100 - Revo RA202M200101

Revo RA202M200101 | Audi B8 A4 / A5 2.0T Revo Air Intake System

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Revo RA202M200101 | Audi B8 A4 / A5 2.0T Revo Air Intake

Audi 2.0 TFSI Intake

The Revo Air Intake System for the B8 2.0TFSI engine has been designed to work in harmony with Revo software giving access to more power and torque along with a sportier engine note and enhanced turbo sound. A custom silicon hose with stepped neck promotes smoother airflow into the turbo removing the turbulence caused in the stock system as well a reduced distance for the air to travel.

The stock MAF unit has been utilized to give optimum scaling after testing found no improvements on relocating it. A Revo high-flow filter with three layer foam maximizes efficiency and protection to the engine. The kit comes complete with a heatshield specifically designed to utilize the stock air duct for the most direct source of cold air.


  • Custom heatshield

  • Improved throttle response

  • Flush fit silicone hose

  • Increased airflow

  • Triple layer foam filter

Intake Performance Figures:

  • Up to +5 HP and +7 ft/lbs of Torque

Triple Layer Foam Filter
An intake system is only as good as the filter. This kit comes complete with a tried and tested Revo three layer foam filter with an impressive 857cmÂ? surface area, supported by galvanized, epoxy-coated mesh to ensure the filter cannot collapse. The filter has a large 180mm external diameter body and a smooth radius aluminum bell mouth, specifically designed for optimum airflow from filter to pipe-work. Revo three-stage foam filters work very differently to conventional paper or cotton-gauze, which are surface filters designed to trap particles on the outer layer, instantly causing restriction. Revo foam filters work by trapping dirt particles within each of the oiled foam layers, allowing air to negotiate its way through the filter, reducing restriction and offering much longer service intervals. We tested the filter at a leading motor testing center "Mira’ on an industry-recognized dust load test. On a full dust load test the foam filter was found to still be 99.1% efficient, filtering down to 5 micron while offering the least amount of restriction over similar products.

Heat Shield
The intake system features a laser-cut aluminum heat shield that ensures the filter is well insulated from ambient under-bonnet temperatures. The shielding is designed to utilize the ducting in the factory grill to maximize airflow and prevent heat-soak.

Silicone Hose
The silicone hoses included in the kit are manufactured using high quality automotive grade silicone, engineered to combine the system using stepped necks to offer a smooth transition of air to avoid turbulence. The turbo inlet hose has also been specifically designed to fit both K03 and K04 turbo powered cars.





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