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M-Engineering has been at the forefront of Porsche ECU tuning, and has spent countless hours of research and development to provide reliable performance improvements.

Our M-Tuner Calibration Suite will allow at home OBD flashing, no ECU removal is necessary. Our software also features the ability to read and clear faults, datalogging, view live data, and flash back to stock at your convenience.

Adjustments are made to improve the throttle response, remove top speed limiters, adjust air/fuel ratios, and modify ignition timing and much more to improve the overall driving performance of the 3.0L twin-turbocharged engine.

Our Stage 1 tune results in an increase of approximately +146whp & +51ft-lbs tq on 93 octane.


992 Carrera S - Stage1 91

M Engineering | PORSCHE 992 CARRERA



992 Carrera S - Stage1 93

992 Carrera S - Stage1 93






Disclaimer: You accept responsibility and risks of any tunes and added features by M Engineering. If you are not the end user of the car, you will be solely responsible for notifying the purchaser and/or customer they also accept the responsibility and risks of these and M Engineering is not liable. M Engineering is also not liable for voided warranties due to installation of our products.

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