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EUROJET - EJ402-M10-05-00 - Eurojet |
EUROJET - EJ402-M10-05-00 - Eurojet |
EUROJET - EJ402-M10-05-00 - Eurojet |
EUROJET - EJ402-M10-05-00 - Eurojet |


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Eurojet™ offers the most aggressive and efficient upgraded intercooler kits for your MK4 VW, period. Through our proprietary designs, your turbocharged vehicle is able to utilize the advantage of an upgraded original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-style side-mount intercooler and a street-front mount intercooler, and a race-only front-mounted intercooler (FMIC). Each upgrade has numerous benefits specific to your application.

Our MK4 kits are the most widely used heat exchange systems for the MK4 engines in the USA. They serve as a solid upgrade for your turbo system and allow your engine to unleash more performance and more power. Our efficient bar and plate designs are measured and calculated by our engineers to ensure that each core is rated within the efficiency range of your horsepower goals.

This Eurojet side-mounted intercooler was designed to fit in the same stock location. It is perfect for stock, chipped, K04 turbo upgrades, and mild custom turbo set-ups. It is constructed of the highest grade aluminum and built to perform. It features a proprietary staggered internal fin design for supreme cooling efficiency, superior bar and plate construction, cast aluminum end tanks designed for increased air flow. Simply bolt it on and drive.

*** This intercooler may require a minor modification when mounted on MK4 vehicles built in 2001 and earlier. Contact Eurojet at 888-978-2747 ext. 121 for more details. ***


Why should I buy a side-mount core over a front-mount intercooler?  


Front-mount intercooler kits are designed for upgraded turbo applications and in many cases are far too big for the stock turbo to volumize and run efficiently. What that means is that the Eurojet Side-Mount Intercooler is designed to run within upgraded original equipment manufacturer (OEM) component ranges, i.e., software and mild turbo upgrades (K04 and FrankenTurbos).

It is a perfect blend of performance and cost savings designed to upgrade  chipped K03s, K04s and GT28 equipped motors. The design and performance limitations begin to be evident in the 300 to 330 hp range. But, it’s a great and efficient set-up for all you hardcore OEM+ fans.


  • Material – T5052 & 6061 Aluminum

  • Core Size – 8.5” x 8.5” x 5.25”




  • Cast aluminum endtanks

  • Bar and plate (BP) core design

  • Efficient chamber balance

  • TIG-welded tanks

  • Proprietary staggered and louvered internal fin design

  • Cast and polished endtanks

  • CNC MAP sensor, diverter valve and N75 flanges (N75 and DV only on street and race kits)

  • Stainless steel T-bolt clamps





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